What We Do

Every artist, promoter and music enthusiast can find something new at The Association of Musical Artistry. We are the respected music experts in Alexandria, Louisiana and this is what we do.

Band recording song in a studio

Music Consultation

Talk to our producers at The Association of Musical Artistry. Consult with us on how to effectively make a mark in the music industry. We are interested in talk to solo artists, duos and bands. Let’s forge a path to your fame and success as a musician.

Music Production/Recording/Song Writing

We are the artists cradle in Alexandria, Louisiana. We offer recording opportunities for rising artists in virtually every genre in music. Our recording studio is where works of art take form. If you have a song you want to record, make a reservation with The Association of Musical Artistry.

Vocal Education

Do you need a voice coach? The Association of Musical Artistry can find you one who can help you improve your vocal styles and expressing yourself through music. Not only do we help you become a better singer but we also coach you on how to improve your overall performance, entertaining the crowd and making them ask for more.